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Dasha Verstelle has her baby at the Moscow Planning Center and Reproduction Maternity Home. Her mother, Olga Rudneva is the only family member I saw in anywhere near the birthing rooms.  Luda says that this job is still "women's work" and the husbands are almost never there. .Olga calls the family waiting outside the hospital on her cellphone and the midwife holds up the child to the window so the family can see it..The maternity home delivers about 8000 children a year... about 20 a day or so... This is the most of any maternity hospital in Russia.  There are 117,000 delivered in 2009 in all of Moscow.  1,800,000 were born in Russia in 2009 which is 27,000 more than the deaths that year.  So Russia is basically at the replacement rate, but there are not as many breeders in the lineup moving forward... so the state has instituted a number of policies including free housing for immigrants and a one time payment of over $10,000 for a woman to have either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby.
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