Day of Dead Alter Candles

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A young girl lights a candle for her recently deceased grandmother during the tradition of Day of the Dead. An alter with candles, incense and favorite food is put up at the cost of 12,000 pesos. People in the community help pay for food and decorations. Friends come to the house and eat "Mole con pollo" in the day, and at night, "Tamales y atole" bringing a candle as a gift. <br />
In this town, the alters are built only for people who have died on this date after Nov of the previous year. The following day they honor children. The third day is for all descendants. Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead,  is Mexico's most characteristic fiesta. The souls of the dead return to the earth. Families build alters with glowing candles in their homes and visit the cemeteries to commune with their dead loved ones taking flowers and their favorite foods.
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