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Out with canoe fishermen.  Guy in the prow of the boat (many photographs) is:  Modou Ngom  address: MBour Serere Kaw Senegal   Can call him on his friends cell phone: +221 957 1746..Fishermen coming in and out of port at MBour, Senegal.  Everyone we talked to said the fishing was very poor compared to other years and that they were getting very few fish...There are more net fishermen in this area.  MBour is second only to Dakar in growth.  It is on trade routes from various countries and the fishing is good...600,000 Senegalese participate in the fishing industry.  When you multiply that number times the 6 or 7 kids they each have and other dependents, you can see that this is a significant percentage of the 12 million Senegalese.  Eighty percent of the fish caught are caught by artesinal fishermen.
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