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Kamikatsu was 6000 people 20 years ago and is now 2000.  Tomoji Yokoishi was working for the government to instruct community agriculture.  All the tangerine trees were wiped out by a freeze so he had to figure out how the elderly in this town could survive... He studied all the elaborate garnishes used in Japanese cuisine and quit the government  in 1986 and mobilized the entire town with an eye toward keeping the primarily elderly population gainfully employed... the good news is he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams... 80 percent of the garnishes for Japanese cusine come from this place.. the bad news is they use a horrific amount of styrofoam for the packing... oh well... my only Russian words are "everything in life is compromise."..From the researcher:..4).By the elderlies for the elderlies business model May 10 / Monday..Based in Kami-katsu Township in Tokushima Prefecture, Irodori Corporation is one of good examples of the farming sector and commercial sector cooperating together to vitalize depopulated & aged communities. ..In Katsu-ura Township, population=approx. 2,000 with over 854 householdes, 49.5% of them are above age 65...Established in 1987, Its main product is garnishes. Since they are very light in weight, even the elderlies can handle the product, from picking to packing, shipping. Even elder staff at Irodori take orders on the internet, 24-hours a day. They also use the internet for marketing. ..Now, it's annual sales is 260 million Yen. Some old female staff makes 10 million Yen a year...A bit of history, Kami-katsu Township.In the 1980's, Kami-katsu Township's major products, such as logs and tangerines faced the international competition, as restrictions on log, tangerine and other agricultural products are lifted...In 1981, the tangerine trees were lost as extraordinary cold waves hit the area...Learned a lesson from this natural disaster, residents in Kami-katsu started growing light-weighted vegetables, 8 kinds of them in 1981, 14 in 198
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