Measuring a Giant Tree in Old Growth Forest

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Large hemlock and spruce trees on Chichagof Island. Ground truthing expedition by Bob Christensen,Richard Carstensen, Keynon Fields and Eric Ringler, to see investigating past and proposed timber projects in the Tongass National Forest.  Looking at the past and trying to determine the effect of proposed cuts..The group downloads information that was collected from field notes, pictures and information from wireless GPS units they wear in their hats as they hike through the forest and estuaries.   They are mapping the forest, uncut, proposed cut and old logging sites to see what is there...The group camped on to Moser Island camp site and explore the surrounding area..Central Chichagof Island -- old growth forest and a hike through the alluvial forest.  Pictures of spruce trees--approximately 200 years old and a 50 foot waterfall.
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