Cowboy with Horse Rescues Frightened Sheep

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A shepherd rights a sheep that had fallen as loyal trained mustang watches and waits. Dot, the horse, was trained in a prison program in Wyoming.<br />
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Edgar Oscanoa rides Dot trailing sheep in Upper Gully with the help of border collies and Pyranees guard dogs.  He stops to upright a sheep that was stuck in the road rut on its back.  Dot calmy watches.<br />
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Sharon O'Toole drove her granddaughter Siobhan Lolly and father George Salisbury around the Ladder Livestock Ranch in southern Wyoming (west of Bags at the Colorado border.) Peruvian shepherds traditionally work at the ranch watching over sheep.  Dot, an adopted mustang that came from the correctional center in Riverside, saved a shepherd's life by finding his way home on a cold night when they were lost.  Nelson, the saved worker, left years ago but the horse is still a favorite among ranch hands like Edgar.
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