Family Hanging Out at the River on Jeep

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Derek Counselor showed up with this bush truck full of kids (above) to go swimming.  I asked Counselor if he was afraid of the crocs that were just up river.  He said "of course I am, why do you think I brought all these kids?"  I had asked Carol's group that same question and they said of course we're afraid of crocs, there's a big one just up river... we've seen it... Carol and her friends had their dog, Baylor, in the water with them.  A dog is more than just a pet up here, it is a security blanket.  Crocs can not resist a dog.  If a dog is in a group of people swimming, it will be the first to go.  You see folks walking along rivers and even the ocean with their dogs... the dog gets them out the door to take a walk, but it also protects them.
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