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July 16, 2006.First set of photos (BandW) are in Flora Liang's (+86 136 0048 4025) home.  Flora is a sports reporter for the Nanfang Daily and one of Nicole's best friends.  Flora is trying some of her clothes and jewelry on Nicole for a photo shoot that will happen the next day about how to accessorize your clothes and your cell phone.  Nanfang daily is a state-run publication and mouthpiece for the communist party.  Since Flora is not a senior editor, she still has her passport and is allowed to travel.  She travels throughout the world covering the sports that are about little balls (table tennis, badminton), but if she became an editor (even in the sports dept.) they would take her passport away because she would be privy to party information (theory at least).  But Floras last few days seem like anything but communist party work.  She has been shopping for three days with her friends to accessorize the cell phone fashion shoot and this Sunday is the fourth day these girls have shopped like good communists for a fashion shoot..Color photos are in Patricia Lin's apartment... Patricia is an economics writer for the paper and is responsible for the fashion shoot (she is the skinnier one).  The other woman in the photos is also a reporter--Wei Chen.
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