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Kwun Tong Wholesale Fish Market in the Kwun Tong area of Hong Kong on 10 Tung Yuen Street.  Photos of tanks and unloading oxygenated air carrier and unloading truck of packed fish are shot at Kenneth Aquamarine Products Inc.  +852 2340 5622.  Initially reef fish only came from the South China Sea, but transport developed and fish now come from all over S.E. Asia.  The whole reef fish trade crashed with the 97-98 HK stock market crash.  LRF trade is directly linked to economy.  With China coming online financially the trade is booming.  These fish are used for celebratory meals... not everyday fare.  In China the company pays for meals and the stereotype is that there is lots of food left on the table.  Often a fish is popular because of its color... more than its taste.  There are a few photos of Yellow Croakers gasping out of a blue tub... they are cultured and get about 30HK$ if they were wild they would fetch 300HK$.
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