Women Carry Sacks of Grain on Heads

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After the government shuts down flood recession agriculture by putting the Gibe III dam online, the only other options for these tribes feeding themselves are water pumps for agriculture (that don't work well here) and FOOD AID...Food aid is problematic because most of the grain that is handed out is subsequently fermented for alcohol...These tribes would have ceremonies at the end of each harvest because there was grain to ferment and they could party and reflect on a successful crop.  With year-round food aid these tribes can be drunk on fermented grain for the entire year...This is food aid in the Nyangatom town called Kangaten.  The Turkana raided the Nyangatom and took 13,000 cattle so theNyangatom have moved into this town that is a food distribution hub for NGOs who have transferred a bulk of the food aid to this town because the people here have no food and no means of support.
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