Hikers Climb Old Growth Tree Stump

A stump of a large tree with two springboard notches (used until the 1940s) was cut prior to the surrounding forest in the mid-'60s.  The forest is regenerating  with productive alluvial soils near Appleton Cove. .Ground truthing expedition by Bob Christensen,Richard Carstensen, Keynon Fields and Eric Ringler, to see investigating past and proposed timber projects in the Tongass National Forest.  Looking at the past and trying to determine the effect of proposed cuts..The group downloads information and compared it to what was collected in old field notes.  They add current pictures and information from wireless GPS units they wear in their hats as they hike through the forest and estuaries.   They are mapping the forest, uncut, proposed cut and old logging sites to see what is there..They work and sleep at Appleton Cove forest service cabin carrying a generator to power their computers.  Then they go by boat to the estuary running out of a forest..