Walking the Great Wall

Some of the industry of Huaxi Village (Farmers Village). This co op has been a model farm for 45 years.  They were capitalists before it was fashionable in China.  They started factories, but worked in them with no windows.  And when the government officials came around, they sent all the workers out to the fields and hid the factories.   They became the first and most successful capitalist exploitation of the collective.  This model farm became so successful they started selling shares in the 60's.  They sold the shares "underground" The residents now buy shares... or work for shares and that is what they buy their homes for.  When shares were first offered, they went for 2000RMB, now they go for 30,000 RMB.  I'm not quite sure how the government is involved... but they are... 30,000 officials visit this place to see how it is run every year.  There are not many model farms left in China... none with this wealth. It is held up by the government as the most successful transition from farmer to socialist/capitalist world.  The model farm runs about 80 factories..Party Secretary (Big Boss) is Sun Haiyan +86 139 0152 4019

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