FIsh in Cartons for Export

Caviar production area of Ocean West Fish plant in Ust Bolsheretsk.  Genmadi Yuriev Fish plant manager of fish plant named Ocean West (Okean Vatav) +7 909 837 9897.They run the caviar thru a mesh screen to separate the connective tissue. And then add preservative to make it last un-refrigerated for about a week or refrigerated for about 4-6 months.. ..Main contact for Ust Bolshevevsk and Bolshaya River area is:.Meredian Fish Plant owner Yuri Nicolaevich Lerikov.+7 961 969 4001.Local contact... IT guy and hired driver:.Ivan contacts for this story are.Yuliya 503 318 5429..Martha Madsen.+7 962

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